Physical Evaluation

Our comprehensive physical evaluations using standardized testing assess various aspects of your child’s gross motor performance.

Schroth – Scoliosis

Our Schroth-certified therapist will perform a detailed evaluation of scoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis and design a treatment plan specific to your curve type. Learn More

Intensive Therapy – Therasuit

Our intensive TheraSuit® certified therapist provides a comprehensive approach to help children with neuromuscular conditions to help them move in the most efficient ways. Learn More

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Our therapist uses specialized techniques to diagnose and treat balance and vestibular disorders, helping to improve your child’s dizziness, vertigo, and overall quality of life.

Primitive Reflex Integration

Our specialized Primitive Reflex Integration program uses play-based activities and evidence-based techniques to help children integrate their primitive reflexes and achieve developmental milestones. Learn More

Kinesio – Taping

Our therapist uses Kinesio Taping techniques to help support muscles and joints, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve your child’s overall mobility and function.

Infant & Toddler Neurodevelopmental Treatment

Our therapist use a comprehensive approach to help infants and toddlers improve their motor skills, cognitive abilities, and overall development to maximize their potential and enhance their quality of life.

Adaptive Equipment & Orthotic Consultation

Our experienced therapist provide individualized consultations and recommendations for adaptive equipment and orthotics to help your child increase their independence, mobility, and overall function.

Gait Training

Our skilled therapists use evidence-based gait training techniques to improve your child’s walking pattern, balance, and overall mobility, helping them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

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