The Power of Barefoot Play and Finding Balance with Orthotic Braces


Have you ever considered the benefits of letting your child play barefoot? The human foot is an intricate masterpiece, with over 7,000 nerve endings responsible for receiving touch, pressure, and more sensations. In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of barefoot play and the implications for children who wear orthotic braces.

Section 1: The Wonders of Barefoot Play

  • Discover the role of external stimuli in the brain’s development of efficient movement.
  • Understand how trial and error in response to stimuli promotes fine and gross motor skill development.
  • Explore studies showing improved balance, gait biomechanics, and postural control in children who engage in barefoot play.

Section 2: Balancing Orthotic Braces and External Stimulation

  • Learn about the various purposes of orthotic braces and their common usage.
  • Understand the impact of prolonged bracing on diminished exposure to external stimuli.
  • Address the concerns of parents regarding bracing duration and how often children should wear them.

Section 3: Creating a Balanced Wearing Schedule

  • Engage in open communication with your orthotist to establish a suitable schedule.
  • Embrace safe outdoor playtime with bare feet on various textures and inclines.
  • Consider time off braces during specific activities and explore night-time bracing options.


Barefoot play offers remarkable child motor development benefits, while orthotic braces serve essential purposes. Finding a balanced approach to wearing braces and promoting external stimulation is crucial. Speak with your orthotist and explore opportunities for your child to experience the joys of both worlds.

Remember, it’s all about providing the best opportunities for your child’s growth and development!