About Us

At Grey Matters Pediatric Therapy (GMPT), we prioritize evidence-based physical therapy to provide the most current treatment options for your child. Our approach is centered on your child’s unique needs, and we strive to provide tailored, individualized services to help them achieve their maximum potential.

As our name suggests, we understand the critical role of the brain’s grey matter in promoting positive change in a child’s life. Our goal is to facilitate brain rewiring and retraining to help your child navigate their environment in the most efficient ways possible.

Tarju Shah


Our Physical Therapist, Tarju, also fondly known as “The good doctor” by her tiny clients and as “The torture” by her post-therapy, tired little friends, has always had a special connection with kids and has worked in various pediatric settings in her career as Pediatric PT. After gaining extensive experience in successfully treating a range of diagnoses, she has found her calling to offer top-notch PT services to the pediatric community in her home-based clinical setting and is determined to grow as a therapist each day.

Tarju has always pursued excellence, and her passion for patients, and dedication to keep learning for the best approach, have landed her various certifications in the most recent advances in pediatric physical therapy. Tarju has always been highly fascinated by how the brain functions and the limitless possibilities of training it in various ways. Her expertise lies in engaging the higher centers of the brain to rewire it and activate the previously unexplored pathways to carry out the functions in the most economical and hence, in the most effective ways. Each treatment session is designed with an optimum amalgamation of proven treatment principles and what she has learned through her hands-on experience. Her unique and highly individualized care plan makes Grey Matters a one-stop shop for all your child’s physical therapy needs. Being both friendly and firm at the same time while treating, she can bring out the best outcome during each session. She loves to keep the families involved and updated about the treatment sessions and give them a targeted home exercise plan to keep them at the center of the plan of care.

Besides her professional interests, Tarju loves reading books on psychology, emotions, and human behavior. She is a mother to a gorgeous fur baby and a happy human baby and loves spending time with her family. She loves to cook, which is well tolerated by her husband, loves to dance to the most unusual Bollywood songs, loves cleaning, and is “fondly” called the “cleaning ghost” by her family.